The Monotype takes its name and inspiration from the timeless art of monotyping, in which the products of a single design are invariably individual and unique. In this spirit, each The Monotype piece has the essence of bespoke jewelry, a distinct perspective and personality reflecting the modern man of taste. Made with all antique silver-plated brass and leather, The Monotype offers everyone the affordable opportunity to wear contemporary, versatile jewelry.
Our Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is simple. We believe in hand-craftsmanship by local US artisans; we believe in seeking sustainability however and wherever possible; and we believe in timeless, modern designs.


Our mission is to craft a line of universal, versatile, and modern men’s jewelry, perfect for any occasion and any location—NYC, Austin, Paris, Beirut, etc. — while maintaining a distinctly American vibe.


Hand-craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do. When one of our veteran local artisans carefully labors over a piece of our jewelry, it bears their invisible thumbprint; it becomes one-of-a-kind, in essence. This difference is instantly seen and felt in person, the way a real flower is distinguishable from a plastic replica. Hand-craftsmanship has an aura, an unmistakable life to it.